Sports Betting in Indiana – Your 101 Guide to Wagers

Sports betting in Indiana has arrived with a bang. Catering to pent-up demand, Indiana officially opened for sports betting businesses on September 1, 2019. Since that time, the state has seen a significant interest in sports betting activities. The Indiana Gaming Commission has created a flexible regulatory framework, eliciting interest by some of the biggest brands in the online sports betting climate in the United States.

Today, though, I will not just talk about brands. I will cover everything you need to know about sports betting in Indiana. I will even help you find sports betting near me that is near yourself. Yet, if you don’t feel like going anywhere today, that’s alright.

Indiana is open for both mobile sports wagering as well as in-person betting. You can pretty much choose the way you want to bet. While there are some great merits in going to a land-based property, I still maintain that betting in Indiana is best-done from a handheld device.

But don’t take my word for it. Rather, let’s have a look at the compelling evidence I have collected to help you explore the vast opportunities offered by sports betting legal sites in the state.

I will begin by listing the best online sports betting sites there are and talk about what general strengths a website should possess in order to meet my standards and pass muster from regulators. Here is the calm that comes before the betting storm!

Best Online Sports Betting Sites Indiana: How to Be a Master Sports Bettor Yourself

Indiana has a healthy variety of sports betting markets, courtesy of some of the best betting brands in the state. The state’s ecosystem for betting has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since the Indiana Gaming Commission gave its ‘Yes’ vote to sports betting solutions in the state. While some have been hesitant and distrustful of online sportsbooks, Indiana’s lawmakers have been true trend-setters, embracing both the mobile sports betting as well as the land-based betting segment.

Now, you are probably wondering, how do you tell which the best sports betting sites in Indiana are? As it turns out, it’s not too complicated! Indiana sports betting boils down to establishing good practices. The total sports betting handle is projected to reach $6 billion annually, and that is a lot. So much, in fact, that we ought to ask ourselves the question, which sportsbooks are trustworthy? Here is a quick checklist for you to find out the best ones yourself!

#1 License by the Indiana Gaming Commission

The first and surest way of trusting any sports betting website in Indiana is to check for a license. Every sportsbook in the state must have a license by the regulator. It’s a simple regulatory status. A sportsbook that displays the seal of approval of the Indiana Gaming Commission has obtained a license in accordance with establishing regulatory norms.

A sportsbook that is licensed pays taxes, contributes to the community, and has a responsible gambling policy. Now, if you are completely new to sports betting Indiana websites, I recommend taking a look at the registration number of each sportsbook and verifying it at the commission’s website.

If that feels like too much effort already, I have a handy solution for you. I have made sure to list all sportsbooks in Indiana that hold a legal permit and can operate in the state. You can always have your choice from the list.

#2 Decent Variety of Banking Methods

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. I tend to agree, and when it comes to cashout your sports betting wins in Indiana, this makes even more sense. There are many different payment options you may use and use so freely. The viable methods include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, various electronic wallets, and even cash.

I find the fact that you can use some of the main e-commerce payment solutions to start betting in Indiana to be an invaluable benefit to the overall betting experience.

#3 Good Betting Markets and Odds

Of course, when it comes to online sports betting, you want to make sure you are getting the best value. Are you? There is the only way to know – check the odds and fixtures. Whether you are a ‘square’ or a ‘sharp,’ you will always benefit from a great value on your odds. That is why I always try to compare sportsbooks and make sure they post great odds.

There is a lot you should know about sports betting, and that is the beauty of it. However, when it comes to the odds, Indiana has sportsbooks that are able to set the standards high and provide sports fans with value. Simple as that. It’s best to always keep tabs on several sportsbooks in Indiana and compare odds so as to place the best wagers. Since mobile wagers are allowed, this shouldn’t be an issue at all!

#4 Excellent Promotions Focused on Customers

Online sportsbooks definitely have one key advantage over their land-based counterparts. All sports betting that is legal in Indiana will gravitate around communities, and communities are often built with the help of great bonuses. There are tons of excellent promos you can scoop up in Indiana. Online sportsbooks will often compete to bring you quality betting options in the form of free bets and other incentives. Boosters, parlays, and special event bets are just some of the treats to expect.

#5 Mobile-Friendliness Is a Must

When sports betting became legal in Indiana, it was almost too good to be true. Gov. Holcomb has given an unambiguous go-ahead to mobile sports betting, which is the biggest driver of interest. Just imagine yourself having to go out to place a bet. Now, imagine that you can do this from your smartphone at any online sportsbook in the state. Yes, mobile sports betting is a big plus, and all sportsbooks in the state offer it.

How to Place a Bet in Indiana Bookmakers – A Quick Guide

Indiana has made the registration and sports betting process as simple as they possibly can get. There is nothing you ought to worry about at all. Registration is very simple, and you can do it via a land-based casino or on your mobile device. Indiana is all about letting sports fans have the final say in how their registration process goes. All you need to do is checking the legal sportsbook that you can find online. For that, you can visit my reviews and detailed list. The bookies will make the rest simple enough.

Your journey into the sports betting market in Indiana starts with one simple step – registration. Sportsbooks provide players with easy ways to set up an account, pick a risk free bet if applicable, and withdraw money. Once you have registered, it’s time to make a deposit. Deposits are when you should start looking out for free bets.

You can get great benefits from scooping up the right risk-free bet, and targeting an event you feel comfortable will win. I realize that free bets aren’t always the best way to go for, but I believe you can still benefit from them. Now, to place a bet, you will actually need to find the online sports betting markets you are actually interested in.

Thankfully, navigating through the Indiana sports betting landscape is easier than you expect! Each sportsbook has an intuitive user interface where you can look up all sports betting markets and hone in on those that you have come looking for. Each sportsbook may come up with a slightly different user interface, but I assure you that you won’t have any issues most of the times.

Once you have the wager selected, it’s to click or tap on it, and that will bring out the betting slip, enter the amount and place your bet. Congratulations, you have just become a member of the sports betting Indiana family.

Sports Betting Bonuses: What Bonuses Should You Choose?

Undoubtedly, you will always want what is best for you. When betting on sports, this same rule applies. Each sportsbook will design an offer that should, in theory, provide you with enough opportunities to enjoy your bets. However, to improve your overall Indiana sports betting experience, I recommend that you only open an account at the best sportsbooks. The reason is simple -bonuses!

I know free bets aren’t everything, but they do help! However, risk-free bets aren’t everything there is. In fact, there are several types of promotions for sports betting in Indiana. I would like to mention.

No deposit and Free Bets

No deposit and free bet bonuses – No deposit or a risk-free bet is the best option you can probably get. This is money you receive upon setting up your account at the sportsbook. It doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. The only real ‘catch’ is that your potential winnings are capped with a risk-free bet. I think that’s a fair bargain, and I would take it any day.

Match Bonuses

Sportsbook match bonuses – Sports betting in Indiana is evolving all the time, but the match bonuses remain a perpetual source of support for the sports betting community. Basically, this bonus asks you to meet a minimum deposit amount, usually $5 or $10, and then claim an amount matched by a percentage – usually 100% – up to a fixed amount.

Special Promos and Offers

Special promotions and offers – Now, if you really wanna get down to the very nitty-gritty of the sports betting industry. There are lots of great promotions you can opt for and really make sure events work out in your best interest. We recommend giving sportsbook promos such as overtime and parlay insurance a shot. Insurance is a type of bet, which means that if your wager ends up flopping, you will still get something bet.

Loyalty Credits and Points

Loyalty credits and points – If you are in for the long haul, you may want to consider sticking around for the loyalty points. Loyalty at sportsbooks will allow you to quickly scale your experience and cash in some neat rewards. Because Online sportsbooks in Indiana are tied to land-based operators, this means that the loyalty points you score online may actually be available for you when you visit the casino resort or retail sportsbook!

What Sports Are Available to Bet On in Indiana?

You are probably thinking – great, you know so much about bonuses, but we still have talked about the most important aspect of the experience – the sports themselves! You are absolutely right to point this out, and I think it’s high time we rolled our sleeves up and studied the Indiana sports betting markets. 

As it turns out, there are plenty. In fact, there are all. Yes, Indiana sportsbooks extend bets on virtually all types of events – well, maybe bar a few. On the whole, though, you will definitely be pleased with the betting market variety and find no faults with it whatsoever.

In terms of real markets, you can place a bet on, you can choose from popular American sports, including basketball, baseball, hockey, and American football, of course. Basically, the betting action involves all Major Leagues, that is the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MBA.

Sports, though, do not always reverberate around what is true and American. In fact, sportsbooks in Indiana will be more than happy to diversify. You will have access to the United Kingdom and European leagues, including the La Liga, but also the Premiere League.

If you are into golf and tennis, any sportsbook in Indiana will have you covered as well. More disciplines you can bet on include boxing, MMA, motorsports. That is not all there is, though. If you want to really dive into the thick of sports, you may want to consider some of the niche sports there is, such as cricket, Aussie rules, WWE, and rugby.

Now, I also want to add horse racing to this list, but you will need to go to a racetrack for most of your such bets. Indiana is an interesting sports betting market filled with opportunity!

Mobile Sports Betting Options for IN Bettors

Yes, mobile sports betting is actually quite significant. Remember when I told you that the project sports handle in the country is on a course for reaching $6 billion. Well, you will be right to guess that much of that is owing to mobile sports betting. Convenience is a big factor in legalizing sports betting the right way.

I can tell as much because I have seen other states legalize their sports betting, but not quite make an impact. The reason why? They skipped on the mobile betting solutions. While lawmakers have been dogged elsewhere, they have been drivers of progress in Indiana. As a result, you can enjoy all sorts of excellent sports betting solutions.

Mobile makes the entire experience much swifter than you expect. There is no longer the need to travel to a casino and queue up for a bet. Instead, you will get to enjoy yourself right away. Indiana sports betting makes it all very easy to find the solutions that work.

While some have said that mobile sports betting isn’t too safe, there has been compelling proof for the opposite. Everyone who plays remotely must be located within the state borders when they participate in sports betting contests. This is ensured via a technology simply referred to as Geolocalization.

Goe-tracking makes sure that a connecting device is within the state when placing a bet. Another important factor is the legal betting age. In Indiana, you can legally participate in online sports betting if you are 21 years of age or older. To prove your identity, though, you will have to enter your Social Security Number (SSN).

How Do Land-based Casinos in Indiana Connect to Sports Betting?

Hold on a minute. What do casinos have to do with any of this? Your question is quite good, and it deserves an answer. You see, the sports betting industry in the United States is a bit complex. Or maybe it’s not that complicated at all. You see, every big brand that offers Indian sports betting is affiliated with one of the casinos in the state.

That is actually the way each sportsbook operates. In other words, Horseshoe HammondAmeristar CasinoChip CasinoRising Star Casino Resort, and Casino Lawrenceburg all offer sports betting options. Sportsbooks established there also extend an online betting product, of course, but they must first and foremost have a brick-and-mortar partner. Presently 13 casino properties in Indiana, including tribal operators, riverboats, and regular commercial casinos. Here is a list I have put together for your convenience:

  • Ameristar Casino Resort,
  • Belterra Casino Resort,
  • Blue Chip Casino,
  • French Lick Resort Casino,
  • Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg,
  • Horseshoe Hammond Casino,
  • Harrah’s Hoosier Park,
  • Horseshoe Southern Indiana Hotel & Casino,
  • Indiana Grand Racing & Casino,
  • Tropicana Evansville Casino,
  • Winner’s Circle Clarksville,
  • Winner’s Circle New Haven,
  • Winner’s Circle Indianapolis.

Each brand decides for itself how to best run sports betting operations. Of course, there are state-wide standards that must be met beforehand. All licensed operators show great commitment and accountability in establishing their online sportsbooks, which is good news for sports fans!

Which Indiana Sports Teams Can You Bet On?

Now, you are probably wondering – with so many sports, what if you chose to bet on legal sports that are represented by home teams? Well, Indiana has been successful in not only legalizing online sports betting but also creating an environment in which athletic endeavor is nurtured and encouraged. In other words, there are tons of actual Indiana sports teams you can legally bet on.

They include the Indianapolis Colts, which dates back to the 1950s. The team is one of the leading NFL franchises, and its home arena is the Lucas Oil Stadium. The state is also represented by the Indiana Pacers, the NBA franchise, which has been doing a great job in the league.

Now, these are the two biggest sports teams in Indiana. If you, however, wish to proceed with a bit more of a niche offering, I welcome you to show your true Indiana colors and pick some of the semi-professional teams instead. There are many great options here, as well.

For example, in baseball, you can choose from Fort Wayne Tincaps, Gary Southshore RailCats, Evansville Otters, Indianapolis Indians, South Bend Cubs, and others. Ice hockey has a select group, including Evansville Thunderbolts and Indy Fuel. Another minor basketball team is the squad Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Last but not least, Indiana has its very own USL Champion, Indy Eleven.

These teams will not always show on Indian sports betting markets because, as you have guessed, they may be a little too small. However, they are featured with some frequency, and if you are a local fan, you may soon found yourself a proud account owner at one of the best sportsbook options in Indiana, rooting for your sports team. There are tons of legal sports to bet on in Indiana!

What Types of Bets Can You Place in Indiana?

There are plenty of different bet types you can make in Indiana. So long as you are 21 years of age or older, the Rising Star Casino Resort, Casino Lawrenceburg, or good old Chip Casino will always have a spot for you. Now, it’s important to note that you can bet both online and in-person only if you are 21 years or older. But what types of wagers are there?

Quite a few, as a matter of fact. You see, there are tons of possible bet types you can place. Moneyline tends to be your basic wager, and it’s very popular at Indiana casinos, which tend to offer a sports betting product. Next, you have Spreads and Totals. The spread is a sort of handicap. You give one team a bit of advantage and take that advantage out of the other.

Meanwhile, the totals are basically asking you – how many points do you think both teams would score together? Of course, a sportsbook doesn’t expect you to place bets on all! You may bet on as many sports and options as you like. Then, you have Parlays and Teasers.

Parlays are a sort of multi-selection bet where you want all of your bets to succeed for the money to be paid out. Teasers are the same as Parlays, but this time they also feature Spreads. Other Indiana sports betting options are also available.

For example, you can enjoy Props as well as Futures, which are bets based on a player’s individual performance and something happening long in the season, respectively.

How about Live Betting? Can You Place Live Bets in Indiana?

If there is a specific type of bets you shouldn’t skip on, that’s the live or in-play contests. Admittedly designed to appeal to more skilled bettors, the so-called sharps, this activity is not for everyone. While it adds immense entertainment value to your watching the game, you should know that odds change very quickly, and they can throw some pretty big upsets!

Yet, therein lies the beauty of it all. Sports bettors are a little mad when it comes to betting life, as they like the thrill. I must admit that these days, I mostly bet on events in progress. There seem to be great odds, and if you do fade the crowd properly, you can get some pretty neat value. Once again, though, be prepared for the odds to jump all over the place!

Don’t Forget the Cash-out!

Cashing out is not a bad idea at all. Indiana sportsbook websites come with this type of functionality, which is basically, the sportsbook will ask you to call off your bet. There are quite a few upsides to this, but you can’t get cash out at a physical casino resort, so it’s definitely worth trying the online experience for a little while.

Customer Support – I Always Test Out

The customer is not always right, but treating customers with respect is at the root of all Indiana sports betting. A sportsbook in our state goes above-and-beyond to satisfy the needs of sports fans. Whatever the issue or information you may request, you can expect to find pleasant and helpful individuals who are more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Customer support is available via email, a live chat option, and finally, as a phone number. All the sportsbook customer supports I have had any experience with was great and a true credit to the good sportsbook reputation.

Safety and Reliability: Sports Betting in Indiana is Quite Safe!

Now, you are probably wondering. Are sports betting options in Indiana actually safe? Well, they are! There are many reasons for that. Each sportsbook is affiliated with a casino in the state, and that is one. In other words, the Gaming Commission knows exactly where to look if something goes awry.

And, besides – Rising Star Casino Resort and French Lick Resort can’t really relocate if they get something wrong, can they? Indiana, though, uses more measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. For example, the regulator uses comprehensive geo-tracking technology that makes sure everyone is playing from within the state borders.

The reason behind this is that cross-border transfer of data is prohibited under federal law for sports betting, and can get a sportsbook in hot water with the feds. In the meantime, every sportsbook uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep your data safe.

A sportsbook is also obliged to comply with KYC and AML measures to ensure that the information provided by customers is accurate and that a real person is playing. It may all sound a little too complicated, but it’s just easy as walking through the French Lick Resort front door and requesting to place a bet.

Conclusion – What I Think

Indiana is certainly one of the best places where you can find a sportsbook that will accept all your bets. The betting landscape is developed fantastically in the state, all courtesy of great laws and regulations. While many other states struggle to catch, every sportsbook in Indiana is churning out at a good clip, offering tons of bets and an opportunity to really enjoy sports a bit more.

The state has successfully created an ecosystem where you can come and bet in person or, if you prefer, you can just hang around at home and place a bet on any of the available sportsbook options remotely. I find this convenient, and operators, lawmakers, and sports fans have really come together in Indiana have really come together to put the state on the sports betting map, no doubt about that.


Where can I bet on sports in Indiana?

You can bet on sports in commercial, tribal, and river casinos in Indiana. Alternatively, you can create an online account with a sportsbook and place a bet or two remotely. In fact, you may place as many bets as you wish.

Is sports betting legal in Indiana?

Yes, Indiana sports betting is completely legal. You can place your bets in person or open an online account with any sportsbook in the state and bet remotely.

When can I bet on sports in Indiana?

You can bet 24/7 in Indiana. There are no time restrictions on your account. Each sportsbook accepts and automatically processes bets around the clock.

Can you bet online in Indiana?

You most certainly can place your bets online in Indiana. It’s actually very simple. The state allows each sportsbook to offer legal sports betting both in-person and remotely. It’s up to punters to choose their preferred method.