INPunter Disclaimer

The purpose of this disclaimer is to inform users of all the acceptable uses of information from INPunter, hereafter referred to as the Website. There are several precautions readers and consumers must take to use the Website to its full potential. For your convenience, we have split them into several key paragraphs.

Nature of the Information

The information published and shared on the Website is not meant as any sort of financial advice. While you may use the guides and articles to try and improve your own betting and gambling sessions, there are no guarantees the information will actually help you achieve better results.

In fact, the Website cannot guarantee the accuracy and added-value of the information and shall not be responsible for any and all losses incurred as a result of direct or indirect use of materials found on the Website.

With this said, the Website remains committed to providing readers with the best and most accurate information. However, due to the dynamic nature of gambling and betting contests, all parties must be informed that the information may change quicker in reality than the Website is able to reflect in the pages.

Therefore, it’s the exclusive responsibility of every reader to ensure that the information they are acting upon is understood as for entertainment purposes only and verified by the individual.

Affiliate Service 

The Website offers an affiliate service. Therefore, all promotions found here are part of a collaboration between the Website and sports operators and gambling websites in Indiana. However, Indiana Punter only accepts verified offers that hold a license from the state regulators.

Any deals originating beyond the jurisdiction of the State of Indiana are not examined. In its determination to provide readers with the best possible bargains, the Website may not choose to sign partnerships with operators; it finds to not meet the overall industry standards. 

Data Loss and Data Theft 

It’s important to understand that the Website is committed to protecting your personal and sensitive data. To begin with, INPunter will not collect sensitive personal information in the majority of the time.

If there is a feature introduced to the Website that requires sharing such information with the Website, it would only be done so with your explicit consent. To protect that data, INPunter deploys a range of industry-approved security tools.

That includes special encryption protocols as well as anti-virus software that allow the Website to protect all information to the best of these methods’ ability. In the case of a data breach or data loss, affected parties would be notified.

However, the Website shall bear no responsibility for any such breaches, especially in the event where they were the fault of third-parties or suppliers and vendors providing and guaranteeing data protection. 

Data theft is an unlikely event given the nature of the Website’s service and its commitment to using the highest and most reliable tools for preventing such events. If you prefer your information not to be stored with the Website, please notify us in our contact email.