Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy, also “policy”, explains the type of personal data INPunter, hereinafter “website”, “site”, “our”, “us”, gathers, stores, and uses. The policy sheds light on the information we collect, how it’s retained and protected. The policy allows users, henceforth “viewers”, “readers”, “you”, to view how your data is being used and request changes, modification, updates, or removal from our servers.

What Information Does INPunter Collect?

The website collects identifiable and non-identifiable personal data, including Name, Age, Gender, Date of Birth, Email ID, and IP Address. INPunter reserves the right to collect additional data according to future requirements. However, such changes to the policy will reflect on this Privacy Policy section of the website. Users are advised to stay updated with the changes. INPunter is not responsible for informing users about the changes.

The site uses very few data at present. The bare minimum is required to identify consumer requirements and interests. The site collects additional optimization metrics like the most visited pages, bounce rates, engagement, the average time spent per page to optimize user experience, and more.

How is Information Used?

INPunter has three primary uses for the collected information. These might change over time but will reflect on the Privacy Policy section of the website. Please be advised; the site might store the data collected for use at a later date.

  1. Marketing and Promotions – The website uses private data to design and communicate promotional materials regarding its services and/or partners. The data helps identify your preferences and create bespoke content for marketing communications.
  2. Affiliate Products/Services – The website shares user information with affiliate partners for the sole purpose of improving recommendations. However, such communication must be pre-approved and are subject to stringent regulatory checks.
  3. Partner Services ­– The website shares private data within its network of trusted partners. The information helps identify engagement patterns and website interactions. INPunter only shares your data with reputed third-parties capable of ensuring the highest standards of security.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

INPunter complies with local and federal legislation and legal statutes about the limitations of use. The website employs a range of strictest security protocols like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to prevent the misuse/mishandling of crucial data. The site only shares the information with trusted parties in countries that respect anonymity and safeguards sensitive data against malicious phishing attempts.

Right to Information

INPunter recognizes the user’s Right to Information. You can also request edits, update, or removal of your data from our servers. The site stores your information as long as it’s required to ensure the highest standards of service. However, we respect your concerns about data misappropriation after you stop using our services. For queries regarding how we use your private data, the extent of the information stored on our database, and other requests, please send an email to INPunter.