Cookies Policy

The following Cookies Policy, henceforth “policy”, explains how INPunter, hereinafter “site”, “website”, “us”, “our”, collects, stores, and shares user data via cookies. The policy explains in detail the type of information collected, how long it’s stored in our servers, and who has access to the data.

What are Cookies and Why do We Need Them?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit INPunter. The files remember user preferences collected while browsing the website and gathers a range of data from interactions with the website and browsing duration to preferred language, font, and more.

Cookies also store the small adjustments you make during browsing sessions and allow the site to create a bespoke user experience every time. Users, also “readers”, “viewers”, “you”, must accept cookies to ensure the most authentic experience while browsing the website.

Users can also choose to disable, or opt-out of cookies provided the browser accepts such changes. However, please be advised that any such actions would inadvertently restrict your use of the website and can slow navigation. You can also delete cookies stored during previous browsing sessions from your device by visiting the settings tab on the browser.

What Type of Cookies Do We Use?

INPunter uses two primary types of cookies – temporary and permanent. While temporary cookies are downloaded to ensure the website works in order on your device, permanent cookies boost the site’s performance. The site uses cookies specifically designed for the purpose of collecting information like the user’s browsing habits, website interactions, etc.

Accepting cookies are important as they create the basis on which the site designs future user interactions. In the event where you would like to remove the cookies entirely, you can change the browser preferences to automatically reject cookies.

How Do We Use the Collected Information?

INPunter works with a number of reputed third-party companies to bring you an optimized user experience. We associate with a number of Google’s solutions, including Analytics, apart from Ahrefs, and SEOSurfer, to name a few.

Neither the websites not its partners can disclose user information with unauthorized sources unless otherwise directed by a government body or an investigating agency, intimated through a court order. The website reserves the right to share information to defend against legal claims, harm to its property, rights, or users.

How Long is the Information Stored?

The site retains information as long as it’s necessary to offer a quality service. However, we understand that you might have concerns about us using and sharing your personal data after you’ve stopped using our services. If you want to know the latest status of your personal data, reach out to INPunter, and we will get in touch with the requested details at the earliest.

Users can also choose to completely erase their data from our servers, update the information, or make corrections. For any other queries, please reach out to our team via email with your request.